Wireless and Backhaul Connections

Wireless and Backhaul Connections

Our Wireless Internet Access is a high speed, high capacity access solution. It uses top rated Radio Modem equipment. It involves installation of an antenna at the subscriber's location; this is then pointed to any of our several Access Points according to the line-of-sight or near line of sight, available between the Subscriber and the IPX VSAT facility. If one of our VSATS are within the vicinity we can connect you.

Some of our wireless products allow you to set up high-speed, wide area networks over unprecedented long distances. Unlike any other bridge/router on the market today, our products give you the power to establish LAN-to-LAN connections over distances of up to 60 Km- with superior performance. Moreover, each product is a compact, single, integrated outdoor unit designed to withstand harsh environments.

IPX can source the Internet via VSAT and then backhaul the Internet source up to 80 KM to link to other cities or locations.

Backhaul Applications


IPX provides Wireless LAN and Hotspot experience that provides comprehensive wireless security advantages. Expertise includes:

Wireless Pre-Sale Design and Integration Services

IPX Communication's Support Team is trained and certified to provide wireless pre-sale assistance, network design, integration, training and post sale support and maintenance. IPX International staff is trained to handle most all customers' needs, but if they are unable to help you, they have manufacture support readily available.

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