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Communicate with full local area network (LAN) capabilities to your remote offices, regardless of location. IPX offers secure, reliable, networking solutions based on custom-engineered very small aperture terminal (VSAT) communications for land and sea. VSAT technologies ensure link security and reliability, with genuine end-to-end management and comprehensive in-country local customer support systems.

VSAT Solutions

Depending on your communications requirements and the complexity of your network, IPX provides a choice of topology solutions that can be implemented. All solutions are based on a detailed requirement analysis and design process, so that your needs are matched with the correct VSAT technology


Private secure point-to-point VSAT solution that provides a dedicated link and dedicated bandwidth between two locations. Ideal for static environments, where communications requirements are clearly established - Supports voice, data, video communications.


Also known as Single Hop, bandwidth on demand technology. A fully meshed network solution allows all connected sites to communicate directly with each other, using a shared pool of bandwidth - optimizing performance and cost effectiveness. Ideally suited to regional distributed remote operations that need to communicate both locally and centrally but whose demand for network capacity fluctuates – Supports voice, data, video communications- E-LEARNING and TELEMEDICINE

DVB - Multi-Point IP Based Network Solution

An IP based multi-point solution providing a partial mesh or star topology where each remote site can communicate with the others via the central hub (double hop). Like our TDMA offering, bandwidth is shared between the remote sites providing a cost-effective solution. In addition DVB addresses and transmits the packets in an optimum manner providing a best-in-class quality of service.

Why Choose IPX VSAT Services?

Superior value - Many IT professionals are surprised to discover that the TCO for an IPX VSAT network can be significantly lower than that of wireline networks. Fortune® 500 and enterprise customers choose IPX because they deliver a level of cost-effectiveness that is unmatched by competing satellite or terrestrial service. Coupled with IPX Maintenance and Support Services, network management services add an additional dimension of cost savings for enterprise users including integrated solutions and on-site management outsourcing.

VSAT technology leadership - IPX services leverage the advanced capabilities of the Intelsat VSAT platform to provide superior performance and features. IPX offers higher speeds than other satellite services , with better performance in critical applications such as VoIP, Email, FTP, and web applications. The IPX advanced Quality of Service and highly efficient transmission coding also enable sophisticated network applications, save bandwidth and enhance performance.

Most flexible bandwidth options - IPX VSAT services allow you to choose the best bandwidth model for your needs. Services can be provisioned with a fixed bandwidth allocation for each location (similar to terrestrial services), or as a “bandwidth pool” that is shared across all of your branch offices or guest houses, or on a wireless shot from the VSAT to other remote points on your remote office or oil field operations.

Unmatched experience and customer service - IPX Principals have over 30 years of VSAT and Technology experience. Experience includes serving the vital networking needs of enterprise and government customers. IPX’s engineering and operations teams have an unbeatable level of expertise in designing, integrating and managing mission-critical commercial networks – bringing this experience to bear in serving your network needs. IPX is also well known throughout the industry for its flexibility and ingenuity in working with customers to develop innovative and creative network solutions.

Trouble-free operation - IPX’s ViaSat Hub and TDMA installation service delivers a more robust and trouble-free network implementation than other satellite or terrestrial providers, eliminating downtime and maintenance calls. IPX VSAT services deliver uptime guaranteed with availability SLAs, and Low Earth Orbit Satellite backup options are available with all IPX VSAT services.

Advanced security - IPX VSAT networks are secure private networks, with frequency/time hopping data transmission and optional over-the-air encryption (AES government standard, 128-bit Encryption). Customers wishing additional levels of security can employ VPN architecture or VPN acceleration solutions.

Flexible VSAT Service Plans - IPX offers Lease packages with bandwidth and support, high availability redundant fault tolerance for Oil Rig and Military Operations. IPX fits the VSAT solution with your applications to provide the best fit for the best cost solutions in the VSAT footprint where we operate.

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