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Free Phone Calls to Branch Offices

IPX has been providing VOIP systems since 2001. All deployments that are properly engineered with Broadband, Firewall VPNS, Quality of Service (QoS) and AltiGen solutions, can see the extension number plan of the other systems and call them for free.

When a user dials an extension number the system will search the local extension list first. If the extension is not found locally, the system will search the global list and ring the extension.

Built In - Least Cost Routing

When multiple systems are in different area codes or countries, the administrator can set up Global Least Cost Routing to route long distance or international calls through member systems, in such a way as to result in lowest possible cost. The routing rules are propagated to all members automatically.

IPX also provides GSM cellular gateways that enable businesses to take advantage of lower cost wireless networks to provide a substantial savings in their overall telephone bill. It connects to IPX phone systems and routes incoming and outgoing calls through a GSM SIM Chip. This allows calls from the US or Europe to Africa local market via VOIP and then rings the call via Cell Network to achieve a cell to call in the local market that is pennies per minute.

Expat Cell phones can be forwarded to VOIP systems, allow VOIP systems to make the calls, to eliminate expensive inbound International cell calls.

Let IPX provide your company global presence by linking your VOIP systems to London, Germany and Western European inbound dialing to your business.

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