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IPX has been providing PBX, call centers and VOIP systems since 2001.

IPX is an AltiGen designated full service, sales and service channel partner. Due to IPX global experience, Altigen has chosen IPX to distribute their products in the Middle East and Africa exclusively.

IPX proudly considers AltiGen to be the leader in telephony, call centers and business telephone systems. AltiGen has been selling their products integrated into Microsoft Windows and Intel platforms since 1996 and IPX principals installed the first AltiGen system in Texas in 1997.

IPX has a proven track record to install and link the VOIP products globally and back to Texas and U.S. Markets to form pristine communication solutions.

IPX principals have over 25 years of technical experience integrating these solutions for oil and gas, service companies, Fortune 500 companies and large call center environments.

With years of experience in this industry IPX has learned to recognize and anticipate future market trends, allowing IPX to provide our customers with the latest technological solutions.

Microsoft Office Communications Server

The AltiGen system is fully integrated with Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS), which is designed to take full advantage of unified communications technologies. The Microsoft Office system, we all use gains many additional features when it is deployed in a unified communications environment.

Fully-Integrated Presence Technology

Presence technology appears throughout the Microsoft Office system, from document workspaces inside Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 to team sites and My Sites on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Communicate In Context

Because every person who works on a file stays associated with it, presence technology can provide multiple channels for communication. If you're working on a shared budget in Office Excel 2007, you can launch an instant message session with one or all of the budget's owners with a few clicks. You can escalate the conversation to a phone call or audio- or video conference at any point. Presence is also a part of the desktop experience itself. Incoming calls show up as desktop alerts, complete with the caller's name and presence information. With a click, you can route a call to voice mail, reply with an e-mail or instant message, or even answer the phone.

Voice Mail, Faxes, and Email, In One Inbox

Microsoft unified communications technologies also bring changes to the Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 experience. Voice mail and faxes will arrive in your inbox and you can work with them just like any other e-mail. You can color-categorize them, assign priority, attach them to to-do items, even forward them.

Dial In To Hear Your Emails

When you're away from the office, you can dial in to hear your emails and voice mails read to you by the speech services built into Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. You can even access your contacts and place calls through your voice-accessible Office Outlook inbox.

A New Level of Communication

When businesses deploy Microsoft unified communications technologies, they don't just add a stand-alone solution. They transform the entire Microsoft Office system and Windows Vista experience.

Built In - Least Cost Routing

When multiple systems are in different area codes or countries, the administrator can set up Global Least Cost Routing to route long distance or international calls through member systems, in such a way as to result in lowest possible cost. The routing rules are propagated to all members automatically.

IPX also provides GSM cellular gateways that enable businesses to take advantage of lower cost wireless networks to provide a substantial savings in their overall telephone bill. It connects to IPX phone systems and routes incoming and outgoing calls through a GSM SIM Chip. This allows calls from the U.S. or Europe to Africa local market via VOIP and then rings the call via Cell Network to achieve a cell to call in the local market that is pennies per minute. Expat Cell phones can be forwarded to VOIP systems, allow VOIP systems to make the calls, to eliminate expensive inbound International cell calls.

Let IPX provide your company global presence by linking your VOIP systems to London, Western European and global cities inbound dialing to your business.


When you deploy unified communications technologies, you make the most of your existing communications investments because the solution can integrate smoothly with your existing IT infrastructure. Altigen is integrated with OCS, which means unified communications technologies can bring new tools like click-to-call, and audio- and video conferencing to the Microsoft Office system applications your workforce uses every day.

Build on a Future-Ready Foundation - Because Microsoft, Altigen and unified communications technologies use a software approach—instead of a rip and replace hardware approach—your business can stay flexible and embrace innovations as they come. When emerging technologies and changing business needs require your communications infrastructure to adapt, all you have to do is upgrade or extend your software, not your hardware.

Streamline End-User Communications - Unified communications technologies gives your workforce new ways to communicate that can increase collaboration and drive productivity. At-a-glance availability and click-to-call functionality are embedded throughout the computing experience, so workers can connect whenever work demands it. Communication can switch from an instant message to a phone call or video conference on the fly with drag-and-drop ease.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs - With Microsoft unified communications technologies, IT administrators can manage telephony using Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, which features the same familiar interface, advanced modular architecture, and object-based management structure as Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. Plus, both servers rely on Active Directory so administrators don't have to maintain two separate directories.

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