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IPX is a videoconferencing service provider that has been providing end-to-end video solutions and network solutions since 2003.

Your network is the backbone of your video conferencing solution. It is critical that companies understand the unique design and performance challenges that real-time video conferencing places on an enterprise IP network. Considering most data networks were designed to accommodate specific, defined requirements for data applications it is not difficult to understand why so many companies struggle to get video to work over the same network. Simply put, it wasn't designed for it.

IPX has been recognized within the VSAT and Network industry for telecommunications excellence. IPX has a "CNN" quality VSAT network installed in IPX Germany HUB, that provides single hop connectivity for Regional Video Conference that can be utilized for E-Learning, Tele-Medicine, and Corporate Video Conferencing.

IPX has the Cisco, Polycom, Microsoft, Broadband, and Network expertise to properly define, design, implement and support networks with the most taxing of all applications - real time video.


Video Conference solve multiple challenges for an organization:

IPX has applications that maximize value from Video Conferencing like Tele-Medicine and E-Learning.


Polycom® RSS 2000™ - is an on-demand recording, streaming, and archiving solution for multimedia conferences. It is perfect for organizations who want to save time and resources by Web casting prerecorded events directly to desktops.

Polycom® MultiPoint Bridges - Transform your conference network into a reliable and highly-effective conferencing environment with the ReadiConvene™ multipoint unified conferencing solutions

Polycom® RealPresence™ Experience High Definition (RPX™HD) - Telepresence is the relatively new phenomenon of video communications that envelops the participants in a luxurious, comfortable environment where the technology is transparent and the high definition video clarity is so sharp that the far end participants appear to be just across the table. The eye-to-eye contact is amazingly real, and the spatial audio causes heads to turn, almost unconsciously, to face the speaker.

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