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Video conferencing & eLearning are now widely accepted as a way that organizations, can achieve valuable advantages in the way they communicate. Internal and external, national and international communications, training and teamwork can now be achieved with a quality never before experienced. Fully integrated audio, video and data systems remove the barriers of time, distance and technology, making your time more valuable and productive.

Your network is the backbone of your video conferencing solution. It is critical that companies understand the unique design and performance challenges that real-time video conferencing places on an enterprise IP network. Considering most data networks were designed to accommodate specific, defined requirements for data applications it is not difficult to understand why so many companies struggle to get voice & video to work over the same network. Simply put, it wasn't designed for it. IPX has the experience to provide quality of service, (QoS), and make it work.

In addition to your local area network the WAN is critical for your VC success. IPX has been recognized within the VSAT and network industry for telecommunications excellence. IPX has a “CNN” quality TDMA VSAT network installed in our IPX Germany VSAT HUB that provides single hop connectivity for regional video conferencing that can be utilized for eLearning, telemedicine, and corporate video conferencing.

IPX International are not just about selling hardware, we see ourselves as a total solutions provider, and hence in order for us to be fully adaptable to our clients requirements we have formed a number of partnerships with the markets leading manufacturers. Furthermore, we have selected 'best of breed' solutions from each of the manufacturer’s ranges in order to provide a full and flexible product portfolio. Whatever the requirement, however basic or complex, IPX International has a solution.

IPX provides complete systems from video conference equipment providers like Polycom, Cisco, Tandberg, Microsoft and Lifesize. Video conferencing makes you more productive and promotes "Green Technology."

Learn how to measure return on your video conferencing investment. Anytime you wish you were in two places at once, video conferencing can help. The payback from video conferencing comes in a variety of ways:

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