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University programs and interactive educational materials are currently available from a multitude of university, vocational and online content sources, allowing students at all levels to have a virtual presence for learning opportunities on practically any topic imaginable. Distance education rooms outfitted for video conferencing have provided a window into this content, but the challenge is to break down these barriers and deliver content anywhere. (IPX is working with Penn State University in The Alliance for Earth Sciences Engineering and Development in Africa to promote distance education on the continent of Africa.)

In today's information age, learning is no longer confined within the four walls of a classroom. The instructor, armed with a textbook, is no longer the sole source of educational experience. Information resources are everywhere, often separated from the learner by time and space. Distance learning defines the process of connecting learners with these remote resources.

There are a variety of distance learning solutions for every educational need. Distance learning applications should begin with a clear understanding of the learner, as well as the educational needs and objectives of the organization. Technology options can then be considered that best address those understandings. A comprehensive distance learning solution will often be a combination of technology options, creating a set of learning tools that meet the needs of both the instructor and the learner.

Distance Learning Systems

A comprehensive distance learning system will include a combination of technologies. For example, in a distance learning system that uses VSAT and interactive video as the primary method of delivery, voice technologies, electronic whiteboards and computer based training technologies might be employed for additional interaction between learners and faculty and to provide support services for the distance learning system.

IPX delivers unprecedented video, voice, and data collaboration—anywhere. IPX solutions offer innovative designs that allow freedom to turn any space into a learning zone.

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