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Telemedicine allows health care professionals to use "connected" medical devices in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of patients in other locations.

These devices are enhanced through the use of VSAT telecommunications technology, network computing, video-conferencing systems and VOIP.

Specialized application software, data storage devices, database management software, and medical devices capable of electronic data collection, storage and transmission are all key components of the Telemedicine infrastructure.

Telemedicine customarily uses two methods to transmit images, data and sound - either "live", real-time transmission , or "store and forward" transmission, where the consulting professional reviews data asynchronous with its collection.

Many programs employ both transmission capabilities, to maximize efficient use of resources appropriate to the medical services being provided.


The telemedicine industry is fifteen (15) years old. IPX International has exclusive territories in Africa and Intl for medical peripherals and telemedicine software applications. There are 5,000 telemedicine sites deployed in 70 countries.


Healthcare Telemedicine Services:

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The IPX and PHONOSCOPE Partnership


PHN, founded in 1953, a Texas public utility, based in Houston, is the largest private provider of Fiber Metropolitan Area Networks, in the US.

Phonoscope was the first cable TV company in Houston in 1958 and has been providing technology services for over 55 years. Phonoscope has been supporting telemedicine since 1995 and is currently the leader in Medical Records storage – (3) Data Centers & Mirrored sites (10 Years). Phonoscope has been promoting distance learning since 1963 for high schools, public schools, and continuing education.

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