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IPX provides extensive communications and networks that deliver improved productivity and add value to overseas operations. Improved communication has enabled faster decision making, increased collaboration between geographically dispersed experts and provide remote monitoring of operations that provide real-time data to ensure safety and efficiency in the remote office environment.

Rather than being forced to travel to these remote locations to make high-level decisions, management increasingly is being conducted via specialized application solutions provided by IPX. Experts are able to oversee many different operations, and use their experience and knowledge to improve productivity across the board.

IPX brings you the benefits of the worlds’ most extensive and secure satellite and data communications networks and delivers them to inhospitable environments. IPX has delivered 99.9% uptime in locations in West Africa, Iraq, Asia, South America and the Middle East and has delivered power, infrastructure and support to these locations.

IPX has carefully integrated these solutions as best of breed off the shelf products. They have been put to the test over many years in the field. They have proven to be easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to use. They form the building blocks of delivering complex solutions for our customers.

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