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Project Management

Project Management and Consulting Services

Timely delivery of major geographically distributed infrastructure projects depends on a disciplined, rigorous projects management process. From initial planning, designa and construction, through deployment, operation, and maintenance, IPX applies project management best practices. IPX's project management process has been honed through years of experience in hundreds of projects throughout the world.

IPX project teams have the talent and experience to succeed.

Interviews and deploys successful project teams for overseas projects.

Managed Services

IPX Networks are managed end-to-end; such that the clients can be assured of proactive monitoring and a rapid response should an outage occur for any reason. In addition, IPX provides our member clients with a web based access method that allows members to manage and review network usage at their own VSAT locations on the network. Real-time statistics can be captured on a daily, weekly, or monthly level. Various levels of Service Level Agreements are available from In-Country Spare Pool to onsite support contracts.

Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) assures the client of a contractual support and service level. The SLA dictates the minimum level of network availability and details the response times that a client can expect from a comprehensive support function. The SLA also provides the level of local contract ground support services.

IPX utilizes only field proven equipment that has a reputation of excessive time between failures. VSAT Maintenance is normally limited to yearly maintenance and quick response "restore the services" agreements.

Licensing Overview

Of crucial importance to the viability of any VSAT network is the obtaining of VSAT licenses to operate in target countries. Generally, as the regulatory insitution is very fluid, licensing costs are not finalized until the actual time of license application. IPX has a proven track record of obtaining VSAT licenses throughout the African, Asia, and European continents.

License Facilitator

IPX will work with local government agencies, regulatory bodies, customs and PTT's to secure cost-efficient licensing. IPX employs strong local partners who are on the ground managing our operations. It is through these relationships that IPX is able to offer our clients unsurpassed service in the local communities. In one of our recent negotiations, in a West African country, IPX was able to reduce the cost of obtaining the license from $85,000 USD to $15,000 USD. In addition, IPX reduced the monthly fees 50% to make the project economically viable.

Site Surveys

Site Survey Report Prior to quoting a solution and providing installation services, IPX will provide your Company a completed site survey report. This report will be the basis for further satellite planning and engineering. No satellite installation or solution will be provided by IPX without a completed SITE SURVEY REPORT. This comprehensive site survey report prior to installation ensures success and the delivery of a VSAT solution that meets your requirements, on time and on budget.

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