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In Africa, Iraq and other locations where IPX provides services, electricity is poor and requires voltage regulators, UPS systems, lightning and power protection. All surge protectors and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), are not created equal. To get the right protection, you need the right equipment for the job.

In Africa severe storms do take their toll on power lines, transformers and electrical substations. Not only can they deprive the branch office with the loss of electricity for hours, or days, they can damage the sensitive electronic devices that make the branch office function. The typical lightning bolt contains several hundred million volts of energy. Should that massive discharge strike a nearby cable, power or telephone line, it will fry anything that's plugged into an unprotected outlet.

IPX can prevent or reduce the exposure to total loss of equipment and downtime associated with bad power and surge and spikes from lightning and local power companies. IPX provides voltage regulators that provide constant power to protect UPS systems and allow for battery charging. We provide UPS systems to racks and desktop PCs that provide clean power and battery backup and remote monitoring of the power system. And Power over Ethernet technology powers VOIP phones, wireless access points and wireless camera systems via an ethernet cable.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

IPX protects your data by supplying reliable UPS systems, network-grade power and scalable runtime in tower or rack-mount form factors. Customers can configure up to 10 matching battery packs for run times exceeding 24 hours, if needed. Typical applications requiring longer runtime include critical application servers and storage, IP and PBX based voice networks, and enterprise network switches and hubs. Included is management software that provides safe system shutdown and advanced UPS management. Additional manageability is available through the IP Card that logs the details of the power and the UPS function.

Voltage Regulators

IPX protects your sensitive electronic equipment from brownouts and overvoltages with automatic voltage regulators. Uncorrected voltage fluctuations gradually degrade the life of electronic components, potentially causing premature failure. The in-line voltage regulators not only adjusts voltages to safe levels, but also provides surge protection against electrical surges and spikes - even lightning.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

PoE technology, AKA as IEEE 802.3af, integrates power into a standard LAN infrastructure. It enables power to be provided to the network device, such as an IP phone, WAP or a network camera, using the same cable as that used for network connection. It eliminates the need for power outlets at the phone and camera locations and enables easier application of uninterruptible power supplies to ensure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation.

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