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Oil and Gas Communications Services

Cutting-edge technology is required to successfully find, drill, store, transport and refine oil and gas. The industry relies on IPX to deliver innovative communications systems to keep every aspect of the decision support process connected. The more remote the environment, the more sophisticated the communication technology is required.

IPX provides integrated VSAT and Wi-Fi deployment for compounds and camp operations. IPX has provided VSAT communications services across all our markets and around the world, including The Former Soviet Union, Congo, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and The United Arab Emirates.

In the Field - IPX connects the VSAT broadband source from main offices to the guest house, field operations like - Drilling Superintendant, well logging shack, administrations buildings, etc. that allow management of these assets in the field.

Local IT Support and PC Equipment Maintenance

IPX maintains offices and trained local Expat and National support personnel in the project locations where we operate. On-call consultants and yearly maintenance and support contracts will cover your office needs. Not only does IPX repair equipment supplied by IPX, we offer maintenance contracts on your existing Network Servers, Office PCs, Laptops, printers, routers, and selected PBX equipment.

IPX phone systems are next generation VOIP systems that connect you to VSATS, Internet and local phone lines.

At the core of each of our PBX solutions is a highly scalable and complete PBX, offering cost effective Voice over IP enabled solutions for any sized business. Communications with your remote offices and remote workers can be done with VoIP to eliminate long distance costs. Flexible call routing and easy to use features increase your employee productivity. IPX provides powerful and affordable business tools that improve your company communications.

IPX principals have been deploying Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) products since 1997. High quality communications must be engineered properly. IPX specialized CTI voice systems linked to VSAT Communications provide crystal clear voice with minimal delay and quality defects found in many commercial applications. From 10 users to 10,000 users IPX will deliver camp/compound voice communications second to none.

IPX provides flexible VSAT Bandwidth packages to suit your requirements.

IPX can provide from 128K up to 4 Meg Circuits to upload large data files and utilize specialized FTP programs that speed up file transfers. IPX also provides short term lease packages to service well site and start-up operations and convert these to permanent installations.

Wireless Links to Guest Houses

The IPX wireless solutions are based on leading wireless technology. Each wireless hub has a range of up to 30 miles. IPX will install the hub system on existing towers or install mast pipes at each of the management homes and guest houses. From each of the management homes personnel will have access to the office network for access to both voice and data applications.


IPX provides Ku and C Band Satellite TV services to companies in West Africa. Ground operations staffs in Africa are experienced installers of TV services to the oil industry. Onshore and Offshore, IPX can deliver high quality television. Depending on your preference, IPX delivers 1.2M up to 3.8M Dish solutions.

IP Cameras and Security Systems

Remote video monitoring allows you to watch your drill sites, guest houses, pipe yards, and office assets, via cameras remotely, and in real time, from another location. This may be done either over IPX wireless 802.11, the Internet, your office's intranet, or by "calling into" the cameras over standard phone lines using your computer's modem. All this may be done very simply, and at a very surprisingly low price. Our Remote Surveillance Module is perfect for watching your employees and business from afar, or from the comfort of your office or guest home. Up to 16 locations can be watched on one screen.

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