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Motorola UHF, VHF Radio Networks

IPX as a systems integrator has Codan and Motorola Certifications to install Mission Critical Radio communications. This term is applied to describe the networks specifically designed for operations and safety in the oil field. With intrinsically safe equipment selections, the IPX teams deliver robust, fail-safe and secure voice and data communications in the field.

Radio-to-Phone - IPX delivers dedicated private networks linked to UHF, VHF Motorola Radios. IPX connects VOIP PBX systems to allow an extension on the phone system to call the radio network to allow efficient headquarters-to-field communications.

These COMS oversee the safety of field workers, increase productivity, and maintain business continuity from the headquarters to the field using IPX VSAT & phone expertise, as well as Motorola Radio products. These solutions help to improve productivity by monitoring your pipelines, tank farms and refineries efficiently and in real time. With our mobile data systems, you can increase the productivity and reduce cost and enhance employee and plant safety.

Motorola Radio Systems

Two-Way Radios - Motorola’s portable Two-Way Radios are compact radios which offer exceptional audio clarity and long battery life. The GP-series offers a range of features for the more advanced usage.

The New Professional series, also known as WARIS, is the obvious choice for advanced use. It supports among other things the following features: Selective calling, PTT ID, status calls, basic SCADA, emergency/lone worker, stunning/unstunning features and telephone access.

The new Professional series GP320, GP340, GP344, GP360, GP380 and GP388 can support all these features and supplemented with the equivalent mobile series GM340, GM360 and the GM380, you have a full product portfolio.

Mobile Radios - Motorola GP and GM Professional Series Radios are the standard for on-the-move radio communications. All radios provide high audio quality. The GM Series comprises 8 mobile radios, tiered to reflect the differing needs of radio users. Wherever your work takes you, IPX has a Motorola solution of two-way mobile radios and accessories to give you instant access to the people and information you need to perform efficiently.

Fixed Stations – IPX provides Motorola’s fixed stations which facilitate the coordination of your system resources and widen the reach of your 2-way and mobile radios, with powerful consoles and repeaters. Available in low-band, UHF and VHF frequencies, IPX provides Motorola repeaters that suit a wide variety of applications and can be integrated with your existing infrastructure to meet your needs.

IPX Trunked Radio Systems

There are several primary advantages of trunked radio systems:

Data Collection via Radio

In evaluating the advantages of using conventional radio systems, radio to PBX lines, and a trunked communications application for your organization, IPX International can work with your field and operations personnel, to define your needs, the challenges your operation faces and the budget required to deliver an effective UHV, VHF or High frequency radio network.

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