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Man Camps and Modular Housing

IPX is paving the way for GREEN BUILDING, ENERGY EFFICIENT commercial and residential construction in the international arena and proposes the delivery of permanent or mobile man camp facilities to the first responder, reconstruction, military and energy industry.

FLEXIBLE, STRONG, COST SAVING ALTERNATIVE. IPX building systems may be designed to meet any need. The panel system has a proven track record for strength and is capable of withstanding hurricane force winds.

ENERGY EFFICIENT. Energy transference and conductivity create the greatest energy loss of a structure. Panel systems are rated the most energy efficient product available on the market today. The laminate skins sandwich non-gassing, polystyrene, creating a non-conductive wall unit. Panels are rated to efficiently cut heating and cooling costs by no less than 50% and up to 70% in certain deployments.

FAST, SIMPLE CONSTRUCTION. Panels are connected using a patented thermal connecting post every 4' between each panel section, thus creating a solid foam core from corner to corner of the structure.

Campus Configurations

Antarctica Campus Configuration

IPX stands behind a high efficiency modular building product that has proven to handle the most extreme climate conditions, from Antarctica’s cold to Nevada’s desert heat to hurricane force winds.

Requiring no foundations and no structural assembly, our multi-purpose portable buildings can provide all the comforts of a "regular" house, including kitchen, bathroom with shower, living room, bedroom/office, AC 110v/220v electrical wiring, telephone connection, internet connection, solar-powered electricity, windows, doors, insulated finished walls and ceiling, finished linoleum/vinyl floor, etc. Our buildings can ship ready for dwelling. Our portable buildings can be quickly transported via standard cargo container ships, cargo planes, helicopters, trucks or rail, enabling delivery even to the most remote, inaccessible areas.

Besides their housing capabilities, our portable buildings can be transformed into workspaces for several purposes like portable clinics, shelters, military posts, police posts and many other diverse applications. Let us show you how a stronger, energy-efficient building alternative is not only eco-friendly, but will require less support and lower long term maintenance costs.

The Amundsen-Scott Station in Antarctica Uses the Engineering Building Technologies Promoted by IPX.

Moving house is always traumatic, and the odd tear would have been forgivable as the flag came down over America's old base at the South Pole. It was handed from person-to-person along a line of scientists and support staff like an egg being passed between penguins. Slowly, it made its way past the marker that represents the exact point of the Pole, and then on to its new staff outside the third incarnation of the Amundsen-Scott station that is the home of America's scientific effort at the Pole. This new station, which formally opened for business on January 12th, took almost 20 years to design and build, and cost $174 million.

Setting up Man Camps


Solar Systems

IPX delivers the best and latest in solar technology to power the Man Camp and modular housing facilities.

Engineering & construction know-how is just the beginning. IPX Building Partner’s capabilities extend beyond the design, engineering and installation of solar power systems. The benefits of going solar are by no means limited to saving money and helping the environment. IPX provides air conditioning, power for office equipment, and other solutions that are tied to the solar system.

IPX strongly believes that solar energy can make an important contribution to a cleaner, safer and more sustainable world. We are passionate about helping our customers make that vision come true.

The Man Camp buildings are fully insulated and with the addition of solar power can provide low cost operating costs. Once you receive all the facts about solar and decide to purchase a solar power system from IPX, our mission is to make your solar project a success.

Man Camp Building Roofs


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