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Derek McKinneyDerek McKinney is an Electrical Engineer and a Communications Professional with 25 years experience in telecommunications systems, and their application to oil and gas exploration and production. Mr. McKinney is Chief Operating Officer of IPX International Systems that provides systems integrations of products, which include VSAT, Voice Over IP, Wireless, IP Security Systems, Networks, and related technologies.

Mr. McKinney’s experience prior to joining IPX includes Eight years in computing and communications systems with Exxon, Four years with the Federal Government (Voice of America) as Manager of International Telecommunications projects, Four years with Loral –Orion as Director of VSAT services, Two years with General Research Corporation as Director of Network Optimization services and Six years as owner and operator of McKinney Consulting specializing in International telecommunications solutions.

Mr. McKinney has managed telecommunications projects in over 60 Countries ranging from single VSAT systems to large teleport operations, to Global Enterprise networks. His expertise is in design, operations, management and licensing of terrestrial and satellite based telecommunications. In 2003 McKinney Consulting merged with IPX communications to provide the best of breed satellite and information technology solutions to the customers. As Chief Operating Officer Mr. McKinney is responsible for operations of the IPX TDMA VSAT network as well as Ground operations personnel. With an in depth knowledge based upon years of experience in Africa, middle-east and Europe Mr. McKinney provides hands on knowledge of the remote work environment and practical experience in maintaining remote systems at a high state of performance.

Mr. McKinney formed McKinney Consulting in 1997 to provide satellite and telecommunications solution to multi national corporations operating in remote regions. Clients include Marathon Oil Company, Cable and Wireless USA, Hercules Communications, Frontera Resources, FMC teleport systems, Esatel Communications, Arrowhead Space and Telecommunications and several US Government agencies. McKinney Consulting has built and operated VSAT and Terrestrial communications solutions throughout Africa and the Middle East. Some recent major accomplishments include establishment of several innovative commercial satellite services in the Middle East in support of operation of the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns.

As Director of Network Services at GRC international, Mr. McKinney was responsible for terrestrial network designs and optimizations and managed the development of automated network measurement and test and monitoring software. As Director of Implementation and satellite programs for Loral Orion, Mr. McKinney built a network of ground operations personnel capable of installing and maintaining VSATs throughout Eastern Europe. This team installed and maintained over 250 VSAT systems throughout the former CIS countries.

At the Voice of America Mr. McKinney was responsible for satellite services and microwave systems at VOA HF relay stations worldwide. His responsibilities included commercial agreements with suppliers as well as managing all regulatory, licensing and host nation agreements with the foreign governments. Significant accomplishments include significant reductions in the US governments operating costs while increasing data rates to VOA locations around the world.

Mr. McKinney started his career at Exxon Company USA. In a variety of jobs in the refining, production and exploration departments Mr. McKinney installed and operated SCADA systems, Control and monitoring systems and communications systems, through out the Exxon system of oil field and refineries.

A 1979 graduate of Howard University, Mr. McKinney holds a Bachelor of Science Degrees in Electrical Engineering. He is married and has three sons.

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