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IPX extends its VoIP PBX Systems with Long Distance gateways that enable businesses of all sizes to make and receive free and low-cost long-distance and international calls over the IPX VSAT, Fiber Links to London Carrier that provides crystal clear voice communications. With a flexible set of incoming phone numbers called Direct Inward dial (DID) IPX can also provide Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls using your existing office phone systems.

The IPX VOIP PBX systems is rack-mountable and adds up to eight outgoing voice lines to the Altigen system or to existing PBX or phone equipment. Multiple IPX VOIP boxes can be set up to interconnect multiple offices anywhere in the world, enabling free calls between locations. Calls to other commercial phone numbers, are charged at low-cost IPX rates.

4 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Communication Costs

No need to use headsets for Internet calls, because all inbound and outbound calls are routed through Altigen PBS or existing office phone systems.

Rapid return on investment, with no costly infrastructure upgrades, replacements, or training. Payback is possible in a few weeks' time through the savings realized on long-distance and international calls.

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