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Infrastructure Services

IPX can deliver “Green Building” technologies via partners and construction crews.

IPX believes in staying in harmony with our worlds environment and ecology. This is why we have chosen to promote and use a Engineered Panel Systems. Our Panels are a Green Build System and Energy Star Compliant, that are:

Structural Insulated Panels carry a firing rating of (5) on the UL scale of 0-100, with Asbestos being (0) and Red Oak being (100).

Our product has been approved by HUD, UL, and IRC codes. They have been tested by RADCO, an independent third party testing agency, for strength and performance.

IPX can serve all types of commercial and residential housing requirements, either temporary or permanent structures, including, schools, commercial offices, custom homes, Man Camps, kitchen/dining units, recreation facilities, laundry areas, labor quarters, drilling/rig camps, dormitories, and medical clinics and refugee housing designs.

IPX CEO, Dennis Comis has been working with the Penn State AESDEA Program since 2004.

IPX has designed and budgeted new High Technology Schools for the Africa Region. The schools utilize IPX Building technologies, Solar Energy, VSAT technologies, VOIP Contact Centers, Video Conferencing - Distance Learning, Tele-Medicine, and array of solutions that will deliver US solutions to Africa.

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