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Government and Military Network Solutions

Rebuilding the social, economic, political and physical frameworks of war-torn societies requires an immense effort. IPX provides mission-critical communication services to facilitate secure government and military communications over extensive areas of the world. For example, we provided remote communication services during post-9/11 military activities in Iraq and surrounding regions — where fast deployment and communication reliability were absolutely essential.

One example of our military abilities, IPX won a critical VSAT deployment for a Prime Contractor that provides the Blue Force Tracking System for the US Army. IPX designed, installed and maintains this mission critical extensive VSAT network. This project involved installing (17) 3.8 Meter VSAT networks, in US bases and globally to track the GPS position of Tanks, Bradley’s, Humvees, Jeeps and mobile assets.

This network is of critical importance and IPX has delivered a 24/7/365 solution for over 2 years that supports our military in war time efforts.

Video Surveillance

IPX provides effective video surveillance systems and software across the entire spectrum of surveillance requirements including perimeter security, intruder detection, slip and fall detection, people and vehicle counting, and suspicious behavior analysis. Using the most sophisticated technology available, IPX trained personnel greatly increases the accuracy and efficiency of security by adding artificial intelligence to the video surveillance system. The addition of extra intelligence means critical events won't be missed due to human shortcomings and constraints.

GPS Technology – Asset Tracking

IPX has deployed extensive Satellite Networks worldwide that support the US Army Vehicle Tracking systems in Iraq, Afghanistan and world wide deployments. These systems support a broad range of markets, including trucking, aviation and maritime.

Human Resource Systems, Security Badging & SmartCard Payroll

IPX delivers field proven, reliable technology for biometric identification. Software can link virtually unlimited numbers of biometric control units into an integrated access HR control system. Access to internal building infrastructure by employees and visitors can be thoroughly controlled with all alarms and transactions reporting back to a central or distributed security location. This makes door and alarm monitoring easy and efficient.

IPX also employs the latest in SmartCard technologies for payroll, medical records, money transfer and local currency applications. Coupled with Security Badges and other HR functions IPX partners can provide state of the art applications for smooth over seas operations.

Voice Communications

IPX provides integrated VSAT, VOIP systems and Wi-Fi deployment for compounds and camp operations. IPX has provided VSAT communications services across all our markets and around the world, including The Former Soviet Union, Congo, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and The United Arab Emirates.

IPX principals have been deploying Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) products since 1997. High quality communications must be engineered properly. IPX- specialized CTI voice systems linked to VSAT communications provide crystal clear voice with no delay and quality defects found in many commercial applications. From 10 users to 10,000 users TA will deliver camp/compound voice communications second to none.

Service Include: Television –TVRO IP & Cable TV, Handheld UHF/VHF and HF Radios.

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