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Gateways for Long Distance, Fax, Cell, SMS and PSTN

Long Distance Communication Gateways

IPX can provide your offices in the field Direct Inward Dial (DID) phone numbers where there are no local phone lines or PSTN services such as Baghdad, or poor PSTN Service such as Africa. Your offices can have Washington DC, Texas and Western Europe phone numbers as inbound contact for your business units. Business units can have multiple inbound numbers to service different world regions.

IPX provides Gateway Customers Call Detail Reports on all long distance calls. This report takes the form of your phone bill in a spreadsheet or SQL Database. In addition IPX can provide Departments within your company account codes which will track long distance phone usage by project or Cost Center.

IPX VOIP links to major long distance carriers provides reliable low cost long distance rates for the U.S. and the world. We have services in all country codes. And the best part, the gateway links are via IPX managed IP networks.

Fax Over IP Gateways

IPX provides a turnkey fax VOIP solution that connects to an analog port(s) of IPX PBX systems and convert faxes to .pdf or .tiff files allowing you to receive faxes wherever you are as e-mails and send faxes from any application that can print. The solution provides distributed faxing capabilities, over the IPX WAN, from a corporate office to small remote offices as well as to field operations and sales people.

Cellular Gateways

IPX provides cellular gateways which route incoming and outgoing fixed line calls through lower cost wireless networks providing a substantial savings in overall telephone costs. Furthermore, the IPX provided cell gateways provide an affordable alternative in emergency situations offering an easy, quick solution to routing critical communication over the cellular network, if the PSTN service were to go down.

SMS Messaging Gateways

IPX provides communications servers that provide text messaging to cell phone solutions. The SMS server empowers businesses with the ability to broadcast and receive SMS text messages. Now anyone on the network can broadcast messages allowing organizations to reach clients, subscribers, members and prospects via SMS with a click of a button.

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