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Communications Disaster Recovery Consulting

Although communications disasters may be rare, the effects on your entity or business can be devastating. Mitigating the effects of a disaster with a detailed communications disaster recovery plan can help you avoid a potentially crippling situation. IPX International brings considerable expertise to provide the solutions and evaluating your company's vulnerability to potential disasters and devising a communications disaster recovery plan that allows you to minimize the damage.

Through site visits to your facilities and discussions with your staff, IPX identifies the key aspects of your system that are vulnerable to disasters and failures.

Our initial outline of recommendations for restoration and transition procedures is followed by interactive discussion with your staff to test our recommended procedures and potential alternatives. Through our discussions, we finalize effective solutions for handling your specific disaster scenarios.

The IPX International disaster recovery plan identifies critical command and control functions, solutions to allow administrators to manage the problem, provide people services like contact centers and call centers that direct the public to critical path steps to save themselves and mitigate loss of life, prioritizes service restoration and recommends restoration procedures.

The plan specifically outlines:

IPX provides an annual activities checklist & training to maintain the plan's effectiveness.

IPX International' objective, we provide a third party analysis of your company's vulnerability to disasters and failures as well as recommendations for a command and control center which will provide effective communications for fast responses - allows you to reduce your susceptibility to disastrous situations.

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