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Data Network Solutions

Data Network Solutions

IPX understands that today’s corporate networks are mission-critical business assets. Networks support the business goals of the corporation. Applications must be available, users must be productive, and networks must be responsive.

Most companies don’t realize that they have a network security problem until it’s too late. Information is your company’s most valuable asset. Don’t let someone penetrate your network from the outside, exposing sensitive data, deleting months of work and wreaking general havoc.

Wide Area Data Services

WDS encompasses several different product categories. Whether an organization is seeking to make the most of its existing investment in WAN bandwidth by reducing traffic, or aims to accelerate the performance of its global applications by addressing latency and chatty protocols, the optimal solution addresses all aspects of the problem at once.

WDS is the superset of several existing categories:

Unlike these individual approaches that only address a single cause of poor application performance across the WAN, a complete WDS solution enables the benefits of all of these approaches within a single, unified architecture.

Using WDS, enterprises can improve application performance across the network typically by 5 to 50 times and in some cases up to 100 times, and can simultaneously reduce WAN bandwidth utilization by 65 to 95%. These dramatic results allow businesses to take advantage of their networks, infrastructure, and applications in ways that they had never imagined possible.

Improve Application Performance with WDS

Given the importance of anytime, anywhere application access, IT departments are turning to wide-area data services to improve and accelerate application performance across the wide area network (WAN). Using WDS, IT can provide LAN-like access to data and applications anywhere throughout the enterprise network, enabling real-time collaboration for users in branch offices and mobile workers all over the world.

River Bed Products - Accelerate the Applications That Are the Most Important to You

Riverbed has architected its products to provide the best possible acceleration for the broadest range of enterprise applications. This means that employees across your organization can see dramatic, immediate benefits from the Steelhead product family. The Steelhead family is built on an application-independent architecture that optimizes all TCP traffic for bandwidth utilization and TCP behavior. On top of this architecture, Riverbed has built a series of application streamlining modules that further optimize applications like Windows, Exchange, HTTP, HTTPS, NFS, and MS SQL.

Citrix Delivery Center – the first solution on the market that delivers applications and desktops to any user, anytime, anywhere from a secure central location. Citrix Delivery Center’s market leading application delivery technologies enable IT to dramatically improve agility, while enabling the best performance and highest security at the lowest cost.

With Citrix’s solution, IT can:

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