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Rebuilding the social, economic, political and physical frameworks of war-torn societies requires an immense effort. The military, humanitarian agencies, development professionals and private industry are striving to meet the needs of post-war regions. Without effective communications and infrastructure services, progress is slow and extremely dangerous.

IPX's performance in conducting operations in support of post-war reconstruction provides Expat management and vetted in-country nationals that deliver cost effective and reliable solutions. Our skilled specialists are trained and experienced in delivering services to governments and corporations in high-threat environments.

IPX offers a comprehensive range of satellite, voice and network communication services which meet the needs of the world's construction and construction engineering industries. Whether you’re a site manager ordering supplies from a remote U.S. location, or part of a USAID prime contractor working on a multi-billion dollar contract in Africa, or Afghanistan, IPX has a remote communications solution for you.

Our continued success in today's global markets is achieved with a Total Solutions approach to meeting our clients' needs. Consistent and proven strategies are deployed for project execution to ensure that every project is successful and meets and/or exceeds the key performance indicators set forth at the onset of each project. When it comes to global communications infrastructure business, our credentials speak for themselves.

IPX has pioneered the application of state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment and software. We have planned, designed, and constructed systems for telephone, point-to-point radio data transmission, command/control systems, satellite transmission, public and private networks and wireless towers with solar powered delivery systems.

Our clients and partners can rely on a single source of expertise in executing their projects. We understand the critical nature of communications, while achieving the highest quality at or below budget. Our successes are measured by client satisfaction and our achievement of key performance metrics, which are established at the onset of our projects.

IPX has delivered 400 man compounds that support USAID and Fortune 100 construction projects. On one project, IPX has installed 10 miles of Cat 6 cabling, communication racks with UPS systems, voltage regulators, routers, firewalls, switches, PBX systems, overhead paging, video conference systems, IP and CCTV cameras. IPX installed the compound under budget and within time lines projected in initial plans, in the harsh environment of Baghdad, Iraq.

IPX provides specialized services to the construction and engineering work forces we serve. Our clients are building airports in Nigeria, providing economic development in Iraq and oil field project development in the jungles of Africa.

One special project tool integrated by IPX is the long range phone call. IPX provides wireless phones with extended base station antennas that allow construction crews to make phone calls up to one mile away from the PBX system. Phones are small and clip to the belt, and allow for radio and long distance calling to project team members, suppliers and headquarters offices. This eliminates the need for expensive cell phone charges. In addition, IPX on-site support, help desk, spare parts and maintenance programs keep the projects working 24/7/365.

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