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Communication Towers

Communication Towers

From helicopter site surveys, coordinating geotechnical exploration and site assessment to the engineering of foundations and structural mechanics, our professional engineers will equip you with the expertise you need to get the job done. IPX utilizes GlenMartin Engineering products that are manufactured in the USA. GlenMartin uses 3D Parasolid modeling software and custom programs to rapidly design custom solutions with the utmost precision.

IPX will be your complete communication tower solutions provider. From new communication tower design to on-site communication tower inspections and everything in between, IPX brings together engineering and knowledge and experience building towers in the jungles of West Africa and in foreign cities where EXPAT management, local nationals and proven experience all play a vital role in your success.

IPX is helping to open another new frontier: the developing world. A building block to any country’s economic future is the ease of which its citizens can communicate freely and openly. Our products and services are bringing much-needed communication infrastructure to developing countries throughout the world. In the past year, projects have already been completed throughout Iraq and West Africa.


Self-supporting (free-standing) communication towers are designed as a universal free-standing solution to a wide range of demanding applications. IPX has installed from 50 foot to 240 foot towers in Africa to support field communications and links to guest houses.


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