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CCTV and IP-Based Security Solutions

With IPX’s communication building blocks, we can setup your video applications that can allow you can to monitor 4,9,16 sites per monitor, several thousand miles away, as if they were next door. Our system facilitates remote site surveillance and allows video to be transmitted over IP without any physical lines being installed. Companies with remote or hard to access assets, such as oil and gas pipelines, stock yards, or rural properties, have not had an effective, economical solution for protecting those assets. Some of the features like automated archiving allow you not only to track construction site progress in real time but also to retrieve past images which can be used to resolve issues quickly. Institutions of all kinds - from oil and gas companies to transportation systems to military bases - are being challenged to install video surveillance in areas that are too remote, too costly or physically impossible to reach with traditional cabling.

IPX provides a wireless security solution that simply leaps over these barriers allowing a virtually unlimited number of video surveillance cameras to be deployed quickly, easily and cost-effectively in a new or expanded security system. High-resolution, real-time video from each security camera is transmitted directly to a wireless base station in your on-site security office or regional security center. From here, IPX provided DVR systems and video servers via the wired or wireless network, can remotely control the cameras.

IPX provides outdoor broadband wireless solutions are available in a wide range of capacities and ranges, from economical solutions for campus and mall security to mission-critical regional Homeland Security systems spanning thousands of square miles. IPX Wi-Fi solutions are ideal for providing surveillance coverage within buildings as well as remotely monitoring from wherever you are.

With the appropriate security access, video can be viewed from any PC connected to the internet utilizing standard browsers. Since IPX solutions can be powered by the sun, no AC power is necessary.

Camera Features: Our Standard configuration uses IP Cameras, Pan Tilt Zoom, or by request, we can configure our systems to work with any network camera, such as: Axis, Panasonic, Pelco, Sony, Sanyo, Toshiba etc.

Digital Pan Tilt Zoom (DPTZ)

Every IPX system includes digital pan/tilt/zoom DPTZ. DPTZ was developed to address problems with traditional mechanical pan/tilt/zoom devices. Mechanical devices let users redirect the camera but only record what you are zoomed in on. This can be a problem when there is more than one subject in the scene or if nobody is controlling the camera. The IPX Digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom DPTZ lets you virtually move around a large image using a smaller viewing window. Since it is virtual, you can still record the entire scene in Multi-Megapixel resolution even though you may be digitally “zoomed in”. This means you never miss a thing.

System Capabilities

Video Surveillance System Capabilities

16 Channel Live Display - 16 Channel Audio & Video Recording Playback of Archived Footage Search Archived Footage Network Monitoring - Remote Schedules and Settings – DVD Recording Resolution - Built in DVD CD Burner - Complete Control of all functions remotely (live, playback, backup and recording, all from your PC via network or Internet.

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