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In an era of unrelenting competition, the world's leading financial institutions trust IPX call center products and solutions to transform their organizations into customer-responsive, efficient, agile enterprises. IPX solutions accelerate this transformation by addressing core integration challenges across the financial services industry. By utilizing call center, database, VSAT, and network products and services IPX provides banking communications solutions that are allowing banks to control their communications and provide a real time view of phone interaction with customers. Banks are using this capability to identify problems before they become serious. Because the system was designed to be easy to deploy, easy to use and is easy to maintain, the bank's IT staff can handle the day-to-day operations without adding IT expertise to manage the phone systems.

Increase Customer Retention

According to Banking Industry statistics, banks on average lose 20 percent of their customers every year. However, a study by Harvard Business Review found by increasing customer retention by just 5%, a financial institution can increase profitability by 100 percent. IPX provides solutions that track call activity and provides a report card and hard data on how customers are being serviced. Every call into the bank can be matched to the employee, even if the call is transferred several times or even routed to another location. Management can easily measure group or individual employee performance. In addition the system has the option to record all customer service calls, and allow management to quickly review and provide the highest quality customer interaction with the bank. When a bank is able to identify and correct problems, customer retention can be managed and improved.

Bandwidth Savings and Improved IT Efficiency

With the right application delivery infrastructure solution, banks are able to drastically reduce the time needed to upgrade and deliver new applications to branch offices by reducing the processing levels of the IT systems. Banks can therefore extend the lifespan of existing PCs and defer spending on new PC upgrades. With IPX solutions, efficiencies between 30 and 40 percent of bandwidth costs, due to bandwidth reducing technologies and acceleration, can be achieved.

IPX network and VSAT solutions, can deliver to bank employees computing-intensive applications over low-bandwidth connections ranging from 64 Kbps to 128 Kbps.

Strengthened Data Security and Improved Customer Accessibility

IPX solutions strengthen data security. By centralizing the core software systems at bank headquarters and transmitting only screen pixels, keystrokes and mouse movements over the wire, no application data leaves the data center. All communications take place via an encrypted channel. The ability to centrally deliver software instead of installing it locally also ensures that PCs located at the branches are less vulnerable to IT threats such as viruses and illegal use of applications.

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