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About IPX International

Our Mission

IPX is on a mission. We are dedicated to providing the most powerful and cost-effective communications products and finding the best and brightest employees on the planet to revolutionize the way people communicate.

Since our founding in 2005, IPX has taken huge strides towards accomplishing this goal:

And we have done it all while staying true to our Core Values, the heart and soul of our company.

But our work is not done yet.

Your Mission

Revolutionizing communications where we work is no small task. That’s why we need your help. Join the team of successful organizations worldwide, including Shell Oil, Addax Petroleum, The Louis Berger Group, DynCorp, Trafigura Ltd. and others, who rely on IPX to deliver on the promise of true complete product solutions.

We’re confident that by working together, we can show this world a thing or two about communications, IT technology, telemedicine, eLearning and other leading edge solutions.

The Company
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